you are neither one nor the other releasing attachments ...

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The term – Ego – can be likened to a “cultural heritage” of each of us, accompanied  more discreetly or displayed with importance, according to the level of “awareness” or “identification” of the owner … 🙂

Rises in the early years of life, with anxiety caused by fear of annihilation, abandonment, discomfort, sufferings, perceived trauma, and so on … as a complex defense mechanism.

Collect together and tremendously treasure all the beliefs, about the path and the evolution of the person to whom it is “attached”, as the letter stamp.

It analyzes daily, the situations in which the individual goes, in terms of “good” and “bad”, by issuing judgments, comparing them with their own past or with the past of those they think they “know”.

It creates a unique system of values, depending on the targets and motivations, embracing those of the groups they adhere to or those of the individuals they admire, to which they project their bright shadows.

The Ego appears at an early age as a result of the fears induced by each of us not being able to answer the questions that animate our “mechanisms” of the mind. Theoretically, finding out the answers, with their aging and correct structure, should lead to the dissolution of the Ego, moving through the intermediate stages between the two thresholds – immature and mature. Through education, awareness and practice of directing attention energy.

This is not achieved, but by gaining confidence that every situation and every person encountered in life comes to our attention, regardless of his vibration, giving us the opportunity to manifest ourselves in favor of the evolution of our Being. Full confidence will allow us to free ourselves from the high walls and access equilibrium and compassion, both to the inner Self and to the people, to the living and matter.

With the aging, experimenting and embracing each aspect of life will allow us to free ourselves from each attachment, understanding that you are neither, neither the one nor the other, but meet the essence of all things, from which each of us is so wonderfully baked…

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Thank you, with gratitude, for accompanying …!
We suggest that you take a step in … Your inner self and watch carefully the whole … truly full content in your Being … without looking excessively and repetitively outward.

Do not forget to always wear in the soul and mind the playful spirit, aware that every thing and every creature is everything and nothing at the same time – a hologram of divinity – a common representation of all things using quantum bricks – protons, electrons, neutrons …

Breathe deeply a few times … smiles more … and, if necessary, take it without fear from the beginning …!  🙂