waves… of inspiration, generated by a (precious) stone, well discarded…

In 2005, when he left this world, being a sober man, but having no family, he left behind, a fortune of $3 million. Given a special destination, proving a special empathy. Returning much more, through mature social contribution and full awareness. The value of its investment continues today to grow.

The situation described, reminded me of the role of the driver in the movie “Sabrina “, satisfied with its privileged position, gained by verticality and a wise maturity. What ensures the safety of a tiresome life. Speculating with discretion that the members of the wealthy family did not beware of using the time spent in the car to trade stock exchanges.

But here, now, things are happening in reality. Dale Schroeder, spent his entire life as a forestry worker, leading a simple life. Those who worked alongside, knew him as an open and supportive man, but none of them expected such a surprise.

When any of them had a problem, not just financially, things settled in a favorable way, not after very long. And, each time, so that those who passed through difficult situations “also receiving a fishing rod, not just fish… “

Perhaps part of the wealth spent while living was made in a similar way to the one in which he donated his inheritance. No one can say for sure from which sources the local library or bowling club has been financed, equipped more than enough. Or how they were organizing in the small city multiple social events so fasty.

In his youth he wished to attend the courses of a university, but could not because of the lack of money. Not having descendants, he appointed a testamentary executor. By delegating him to give all his fortunes the destination of sustaining young people without possibilities, from a small neighboring town, by sending them to study.

Thus, every year, 33 souls who consider themselves Dale’s children, but whom they have not met in life – today most doctors, teachers, therapists and above all friends, commemorate together the memory of their good and their wise Benefactor.

Through their hands pass daily a lot of students or patients. Each of them leads further, more or less, part of the social contribution offered by the simple forestry worker, being proud of their belonging to the beautiful life story, as well as the continuators of inspiring destiny cycles.

after an article by Caitlin O’Kane,