to be above the times

Subtitle: to be in the state of ‘immortality’, to work ‘over time’ …

Any positioning, by affirming a judgment, creates barriers, raises walls and implicitly sets us apart …

Any rejection of ideas, situations or people makes us an opponent of them. At the energy level this translates into blocking the flow of energy between the two poles. The more energy is blocked, the more likely it is at a time to penetrate the jam and to drain violently, like an electric capacitor or short-circuit.

But we have centuries of martial arts experience, which has proven to us that instead of consuming proportional energy to oppose and block us, we can use a small part to deviate, trace, understand and even extract energy from positive aspects of the ideas, situations and people who intersect our way of life.

That is why, the less we oppose, the more we try to be more tolerant in trying to understand their vibrational energy, the more receptive and resonant we will be to the situations that life has reserved for us.

You ask yourself, and you are right to do it, what in the positioning of others touches you so deeply that you reject them from all the reins? A detached analysis, by emotional delimitation, can give you the opportunity to recognize your behavioral traits from old traumas, which you will be able to integrate and alchimize into new, healing energies for you and for people and the situations that appear in your path.

The Law of Contraries shows that any aspect, regardless of the sign – positive or negative – is contained in the opposite sign. And then, from where so much energy of separation and endeavor to de-identify the aspects that we reject? Accepting the content of bright and dark shadows, mirrored and designed externally in any person, situation or idea to which we oppose, would only make us resonate with the natural flow of energies.

An explanation of attachments and Ego dependencies would indicate an incomplete definition and refinement of our value system due to an inadequate path of personal development and ego maturity.

On the other hand, anyone who knows your positioning can use the information to manipulate you. This has the potential to create ‘irreconcilable’ divergences between you and the part you define as ‘adversary’. You being the one who borrowed the opposite sign energy. And how every child knows that the opposing polarity of any two magnets attracts … 🙂

It becomes, therefore, the ‘master’ of your mind! By offering the ‘game’ any turn of action wants. One of the characteristics after which you recognize manipulative techniques is the appearance of an artificially inflamed ‘conflict’, which gives the feeling that it does not end.

A way to achieve steady state and not to misinterpret others implies, in addition to an irreproachable communication, tolerance on the part of each person, situation or idea. And willingly accepting his level of egoistic development or energy impregnation.

This way of referring to ideas, situations and people is the middle way. It does not mean that you agree with any aspect, but you respect their energy. Do not repudiate them without giving them the chance and the opportunity to reveal their positive aspects. It is the highest form of gratitude and love offered to the flow of life, with its good and less good after the worldly judgment …

To show tolerance and compassion towards the level of selfish development of the person you are at one moment or the energy of the situation in which you are placed is an attitude that can only lift you vibrationally, positioning yourself above the circumstances and the moment laws of the society you are in.

You can thus visualize new horizons and impregnate them with a positive, permissive energy, propitious to a general path that is valid for you and as many groups of people, thus opening up ways to anticipate, generate and spend as many favorable situations as possible.

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Thank you, with gratitude, for accompanying …!
We suggest that you take a step in … Your inner self and watch carefully the whole … truly full content in your Being … without looking excessively and repetitively outward.

Do not forget to always wear in the soul and mind the playful spirit, aware that every thing and every creature is everything and nothing at the same time – a hologram of divinity – a common representation of all things using quantum bricks – protons, electrons, neutrons …

Breathe deeply a few times … smiles more … and, if necessary, take it without fear from the beginning …!  🙂