© The 4 major Levels of Consciousness

A classification of the stages of evolution of the Levels of Consciousness according to the personal attitude towards the different situations and events, respectively the quality of the energy of attention invested in relationships and interpersonal communication.

Level 1
„The Shout”

„Immature Ego”
* Unconsciousness

Level 2
„Search of Inner Voice”

“The (Ego) maturation journey”
* Adjusting the resonant frequencies with the admired exterior aspects

L2 Lower
First steps towards maturity
L2 Middle
The hero’s journey
From zero to Hero
L2 Upper
Executive manager
/ Technical expert
Level 3
The Wisper

“The Inner Journey of Self-Revelation”
* Awakening the True Leader

L3 Initiatory
Common path – Ego maturation
Revelation of the Inner Self
L3 Proactive
Awakening the True Leader
L3 Experienced
Level 4
“The Silence”

“Full Consciousness”
* Clarity of the Inner Master

The hierarchy of levels of consciousness is an effort to coagulate in a message as focused as possible (and hopefully, clarifying), the accumulations of humanity so far, relative to the inner aspects (feelings) of the human being and improving interpersonal relationships.

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Important evolutionary aspect…!

Reaching a Higher Level of Consciousness is accessible to any human Being!
Higher Stages

Lev.4 / L3.Experienced

Transition Stages

L3.Proactive / L3.Initiatory / L2.Upper / L2.Middle

Lower Stages

L2.Lower / Lev.1

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Levels of Consciousness

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Major levels of Consciousness