© The 3 Great Gates, as important milestones between the borders of the 4 Levels

when passing from Level 1 to Level 2

First Gate

There is a “switch” of the polarity of life positions

Human societies have learned over time, minimum practices necessary for the cohabitation of its individuals, regardless of area. Accessing the individual and social skills of the lower level is done by combining the effort of educational institutions, family environment, correctional and re-education centers, respectively through social assistance institutions.

Characteristic living positions of the evolution between the stages of consciousness referred to:
From Level 1 – (*) shame, guilt, apathy, suffering, fear, desire, anger, pride;
At Level 2 – (*) courage, neutrality, goodwill, acceptance, reason;

/ * the transformation of the sign, from (-) to (+) of the positions of life, allows the opening of Level 2 towards the assimilation of the external aspects with which it identifies;
/ * but not having the exercise offered by the repeated access to the inner Self, those located on Level 2, will often slide involuntarily in Level 1, manifesting themselves reactively;

when passing from Level 2 to Level 3

The Second Gate

Accessing the state of “to Be” switches the way we feel, think and act

The positioning of “to Be” before or after the set attachments and motivations, makes the difference between conscious and unconscious behaviors. Therefore, we can talk about Levels of Consciousness (1 and 2 – in addictive manifestation) and Levels of Consciousness (3 and 4 – inner awakening).

There are many aspects that highlight the differences between the levels of conscious manifestation and those in unconscious manifestation. Throughout the book, these differences will be addressed in various forms, explaining them by reference to the different positions listed in the chapter /* The 4 Major Levels of Consciousness */ & /* “To Have”, the gift of “To Do” from the state of “To Be” */.

when passing from Level 3 to Level 4

Third Gate

There is detachment from the motivations set on the lower levels…

The person passing by this gate showing full awareness.
The human being reached this higher level of consciousness is fully manifested in the state of “to Be”.

/ * * * \

Levels of Consciousness