© The 2 Great Journeys of the Human Being

1. The Journey of the
Maturation (Ego)

crosses the first three Levels of Consciousness: Niv.1 (“The Shout”), Niv.2 (“Search for the Inner Voice”) and Niv.3 (“The Whisper”)

2. The Journey of the
Inner Self Revelation

is integrated and perfected on the (higher) Levels of Consciousness: Lev.3 (“The Whisper”) and Lev.4 (“Silence”)

Going through the two great stages – (1) Maturation and (2) Revelation of the inner Self – three great gates are crossed towards becoming. As a recognition of a fulfilled life, but especially balanced.

Passing through each of the three major gates, involves important changes in positioning, similar to the operation of a “switch” that “turns on the light” inside, gradually increasing its intensity, for a refined modulation of the value system …

The gates, as important milestones on the way, with certain specific characteristics (a special chapter is dedicated to them), unite the four energy levels of manifestation (levels of consciousness): from the state of (1) Unconsciousness, to (2) Maturation, (3) Inner Clarity and (4) Full Consciousness. The whole journey being a process of healing, reunification and return to the womb of one’s Being.

The delimitation of the stages of becoming is far from strict. You can recognize the attainment of a high level of consciousness, after moments of revelation and fall in admiration (through repetitive evolutionary escapes from the established level of consciousness on which you stand). Also, through every moment of exaltation and deep joy. Both for your own achievements or those of those with whom you are or are not in a relationship (but especially through the selfless support offered to them).

The high moments described above are followed by the natural return to the established level of consciousness (which we are currently evolving). When routine, petty needs and daily worries take over our control over the mechanisms of the mind. Capturing a significant part of the energy of attention…

Later, in other moments of relaxation, the essence of our Being (connected without interruption to the inner Self) seeks again the escape on high levels of consciousness, in a continuous balance of re-knowledge and completion… It depends on each of us to expand from what more and more moments of practice of the state of presence over any aspect of life.

Levels of Consciousness

* * *

© © © The Pillar of the Wise Man who walked “on two paths…”

(…) By revealing from adistance his figure coming along the way, looking at his posture and his step, then welcoming the bonoma and the bright face, after he’s approached, you might have already wondered what makes him so happy. No matter how many fears you had, you couldn’t project them into it, no matter what level of consciousness you were in. It didn’t seem like a mirror to reflect them.

Once upon a time, once… a Master (“the nameless one”),
… in the dedication of bright moments of companionship and plenty of creative moments of space of manifestation. “Drunk” being the diversity and beauty of the worldly situations encountered. A world with aspects always in opposition and yet without borders…

Around him, you felt an energy that would cancel out any possible anxiety. His simple clothes gave him anonymity, and his broad, unhurried gestures rippled like a barely glimpsed dance. Somehow, indefinable, almost surreal, you didn’t see the shadow of his body slipping on the caldera. His gaze wasn’t scrutinizing. He didn’t seem to want to know who you were, and moreover, you felt like he’d already read you. But you didn’t care. You felt accepted, valued and safe.