Relaxation techniques management – important factor for reducing individual, relational and social tensions

The same steps in the evolution of the consciousness level that an individual has to go through – from the immature Ego to full consciousness – are valid for both a relationship and for the human society as a whole.

More than ever, in the context of multiple internal and external stressful factors, we need an individual, relational and socially well-designed system for a management of relaxation, mental hygiene and improvement of the physical condition.

Among the most important internal and external stressors –

  • A low level of self-esteem on self-reliance, i.e. not achieving the social status set as Target /
  • Damaged relationships with the closest / ingratition due to emotional or physical incapacity to meet their requirements /
  • Insecurity of income sources, a situation that will further increase with the implementation of the methods of increasing profitability by automating the activity and replacing jobs with AI (artificial intelligence) and its algorithms through Robotic-Operated technologies /
  • Inconsistency in alignment, through continuous study and personal development, to the rapid technological momentum that creates major social changes /
  • Inability to disseminate real and relevant information, in the context of their abundant spill-over in the various social and news environments, guided by individual or group interests /
  • Turning attention to the negative aspects of events and global threats through news channels /
  • Increased growth, in the competitive context – due to the increasing population number, resource diminishment and non-agreement at peak for global passage to clean energy sources – of the interests of certain social categories and In an intermediate phase of maturation, to profit from these conflicts and to support them in order to maximise their profit/

Any accumulated tension tends to reverse unexpectedly and erratically. In relation to people and situations that we believe have created the discomfort of what they represent. Emotional symbols and anchors, set in subconsciously as less positive aspects, with which we identify them.

The most conscious management of non-adictive, educational relaxation techniques, by experimenting with activities corresponding to the stage of the maturity of the Ego, will be able to create a stress relief of inner and external conflicts. An amplification of awareness, i.e. the level of creativity, expressed in the direction of growth together and the development of balanced ratios. In any type of relationship, implicitly across society.

It is the type of activities (team-building) practiced by firms at weekends to increase the cohesion of staff teams. Firms, leading leaders guided by the clarity of the interior master, have a decisive role in increasing awareness and maturity. Being aware of the huge value added by every conscious individual who behaves as a leader regardless of their position.

As, in any journey of healing in relation, there is an important sanogenous component for the maturation of individuals, as well as this process can be socially addressed, creating as many institutional environments as possible for awareness, Public functionality.

To experience and exemplify educational techniques and role-play in the four stages of human development. To capture the behavioral abilities corresponding to the highest levels of manifestation. “Trainers” dedicating time to both “students” and “teachers” in view of their training. The priority maturity of the system of values of employees of administrative institutions and public services plays a decisive role. Framework on which, in the delimitation of political and with the help of non-governmental organisations representing civil society, the state would have the levers necessary to implement the training courses required.