Fear… nothing else more than an option… the secret of taking control of fear ...

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Fear, by far, the best friend of the Ego of each of us. Nor could it be different.

Without it, the Being would not be able to relate consciously to the two polarities – good and bad.

It’s how the world of contrasts helps us adapt. This is the only positive aspect of it. And that does not mean a little.

But even if the threats of the shadow, of the unknown we fear, can sometimes be very real, FEAR will always be optional.

And that is why it is preferable to be subordinate, as a way of emotional and spiritual evolution. It is a given, an instrument that the Self offers us for research and taking over.

Various are, and increasingly diversified, the forms of fear that dominate us at this stage of human development. There are more and more instruments of mirroring the egoistic aspects and more and more groups and entities are concerned about understanding our defense and decision-making mechanisms.

To show us in the splendor and nakedness of the Being, truly scares us. We’re not ready. We are still in the stage where we strive to conceal the “nakedness of the mind” under as many “aesthetic” operations of the body. In the absence of a system of well-structured and assimilated values ​​from childhood, to the formation of a mature Ego, to prepare us for this informational abundance and correct dissemination, we feel lost and totally outdated.

Unfortunately, no fast learning method, similar to the accelerated assimilation method such as that of Neo in the Matrix has yet been invented. That’s why we become increasingly dependent on technology, the miniature devices connecting to the huge global information database, the large deposit of the collective mind stored in virtual space. That’s why we’re so attached to our smart devices. Fear of losing contact with the multitude of discoveries made around the globe and the massive storage of new and new information in the virtual space, panic us. This is, for most of us, truly a huge cause for fear.

Any worry and anxiety will always be associated with fear of annihilation. And the one who fears for his own disappearance is the Ego, not the Being. The vital soul of the Being, lacking in Ego, is guided by the inner Self. Whether it’s the fear of the future, fear of change, fear of success or of abundance, fear of taking decisions and judgment from others, fear of being ourselves and above all the fear of unknown situations, all these impulses deeply rooted paralyzes us.

To defeat fear is equivalent to the rediscovery of the true nature of Being. With the exit of the illusion. The process of inner transformation naturally leads to understanding its mechanisms, to managing and overcoming the extremely varied aspects of fear.

That’s why when we feel that unmistakable knot in the throat or cold sweat on the back of our spine, an inexplicable agitation accompanied by strong beatings of the heart and heat waves in the hands and cheeks, it’s good to stop for a few deep and long breaths, focusing inward attention on the signals given by the body.

Whether we visualize the flow of air from the entrance to the lungs, whether we put a hand on our chest, and watch how the heart beatings slowly slow down, or seek to clear the mind of any anxious thought, all are energetic forms of welcome and invalidate the fear. This is true for most situations where these situations occur in the past and the future.

But if the threat is real and it happens right in those moments, it does not stand! Break it out! Or do some martial arts moves if you have a colored belt and you think it helps you … 🙂

The brain is organized in the form of layers, added to the increasingly evolved organisms, similar to onion sheets. There is, deeply embedded in each person’s archaic brain, a facial recognition pattern wherever we look (two eyes watching each moment and a mouth ready to swallow us). 🙂 The feeling is common and speculated with determination in any process of control and coordination.

We instinctively recognize faces or representations of symbols – divine, mythical animals, local predators, and so on … – in front of whom, the feeling of fear is present sublime, as a message of the collective unconscious. Fear of death is an ancestral emotional imprint, characteristic of most species.

Unlike them, humanity has reached the level of consciousness as a superior form of evolution. We are not the only ones who touched it. But we are the only beings who have created a written record of the collective mentality. Which we have the power to cleanse, of all the terms specific to the immature Ego, so that fear really becomes an option.

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Thank you, with gratitude, for accompanying …!
We suggest that you take a step in … Your inner self and watch carefully the whole … truly full content in your Being … without looking excessively and repetitively outward.

Do not forget to always wear in the soul and mind the playful spirit, aware that every thing and every creature is everything and nothing at the same time – a hologram of divinity – a common representation of all things using quantum bricks – protons, electrons, neutrons …

Breathe deeply a few times … smiles more … and, if necessary, take it without fear from the beginning …!  🙂