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The concept of time management is a form of focusing the energy of attention, alternating as much as possible focusing on each of the complementary aspects of life. To be as effective and at the same time satisfied with the results for as long as possible.

For a more fluid flow of vital energy and to feel at the end of each day as fresh and fulfilled as possible, it is necessary, simultaneously with the administration of tasks, as an external focusing process, the orientation of the energy of attention to the interior. And its contiguous maintenance on the body and its manifestations – breathing, sensations, thoughts, emotions …

It is more difficult to put into practice. However, by understanding some essential aspects, the concept can easily be learned at the mental level. But the practice is indispensable for understanding, applying, and integrating the inner master.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that everything that we all have is summed up in time, energy, material goods, or the “virtual” values ​​accumulated (“titles and diplomas” in the case of the Ego, respectively recognition for the Being). These are the assets we can “spend” to get what we want …

Either losing energy to seek to overcome divergent interests, endangering the success of our own projects, can waste much of our lives and, more than that, even the resources we have gained so far.

Any exaggerated self-protection action – justified by a “proportional response” to a supposedly or partially founded “threat” – as natural as it may seem, comes from a state of low vibration. And it can be perceived as having an aggressive attitude towards someone else’s interests – tending to cause unpredictable tensions and actions.

In any situation we find, the above action involves an excessive expense of resources, time and energy.

  • time – If you think immortally, it would be worthwhile to try to waste a few tens of years, exercising certain abilities in this regard. Who knows what capacities of clairvoyance you access …? 🙂
  • money – If you have unlimited resources – the services by nature are expensive … (both in-house and figurative) – you can relieve the activity of generating fears, more or less (not) justified, to a profile company – protection or patrimonial administration … 🙂
  • energy – Otherwise, you only have the option of getting totally involved in the projects you believe in.
    Give yourself all your time, energy, and resources – to work with passion on the project you are representing and through which you can bring as little as much benefit to you and, of course, to you!

Do not worry, once mature, your project will be successful. What will remain to be done will be just to maintain it. In this state of vibration, what will define you will be the pure joy of the journey.

Another aspect of directing the energy of attention is the understanding that we have a limited capacity to process the events that follow on the wall of life. That we are unable – because of their multitude (unable to pass through the filter of attention) – to choose those that could provide us with immediate answers to the questions we ask.

Like a beautiful and retained parenthesis – sometimes even though we do not ask the best questions … life puts us, through a happy competition of circumstances, in possession of the most complete answers. The main question, at this point, is what do we do with them? Do we have the maturity of exploiting their full potential …?

Returning to events that follow on the wall of life … Whatever is not in our attention, we can say about that event that it did not happen (for us).

Being aware of the fact that there are a multitude of “reality” energetic entities – people, groups, organizations, by how they position themselves to small situations or major events with local or global impact.

In fact, each of us is a creator of reality. “Reality” that affects them more or less those around us. And that, not just by focusing on the outside.

We can say that, on the contrary, the attention directed towards the interior has the gift of influencing in a more beneficial way the lives of others through the transformations produced at the individual level, by the energy quality of the vibration being accessed.

But any event that does NOT attract you and do NOT give it your attention, where you do NOT invest resources … – It’s NOT going to happen to you. If you put it on the news, if a friend tells you, or happens in your visual or auditory range, the event will come into your life, consuming some of your time, energy or resources.

This aspect can give you a really transforming idea for your life … Use energy focusing attention only to and for the things, areas, aspects or events you want to get into your life …!

The practice of directing energy of attention makes you a true observer of your own body, your breathing, your emotions and your feelings, or the manifestation in any form of the inferior self – the Ego, which you can understand, embrace and accept …

But practice gives you more, gives you the gift of guiding yourself to be one with the inner Self, with your inner Master.

You can selectively offer time to receive in your life only people, things and events of superior vibrational quality. You can, however, respond with wisdom and understanding to those of low vibration, so that the exercise of attention will bring you more awareness and evolution of your own Being.

You can give yourself, initially – through a daily meditation – a few minutes to consciously breathe and to be just to yourself … By anticipating access to the state of presence, in which focus on the body will be a daily practice. Without interruptions. It is an act of love for one’s own Being. Beneficial and sanogenic, charging and balancing you energetically on the inside, like a shower that cleans your body outdoors …

So, you can generate energy selectively by offering both you and others, or events in your life, increasingly vibrant and high-quality attitudes and attitudes, extracting the positive aspects from any situation, however dark, it would seem.

Besides, an old saying urges us, full of depth: “Stand in darkness and … make light …”

Any glare and sparkle, even the little flame of a candle, turns the darkness into a perceptible space of awareness, allowing you to choose a path.

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Thank you, with gratitude, for accompanying …!
We suggest that you take a step in … Your inner self and watch carefully the whole … truly full content in your Being … without looking excessively and repetitively outward.

Do not forget to always wear in the soul and mind the playful spirit, aware that every thing and every creature is everything and nothing at the same time – a hologram of divinity – a common representation of all things using quantum bricks – protons, electrons, neutrons …

Breathe deeply a few times … smiles more … and, if necessary, take it without fear from the beginning …! 🙂