Relaxation techniques management – important factor for reducing individual, relational and social tensions

The same steps in the evolution of the consciousness level that an individual has to go through – from the immature Ego to full consciousness – are valid for both a relationship and for the human society as a whole. More than ever, in the context of multiple internal and …

to be above the times

To show tolerance and compassion towards the level of selfish development of the person you are at one moment or the energy of the situation in which you are placed is an attitude that can only lift you vibrationally, positioning yourself above the circumstances and the moment laws of the society you are in.

balancing male and female energies

For each of us, and implicitly humanity, to make the jump to mature, we have at hand an easy-to-open alternative. Natural, approved by any man and any woman in a relationship of love.

At both individual and group level – attention, regardless of gender – it is necessary that “masculine energy” provides space for manifestation as unfettered as possible to the “feminine energy”.

energy of attention management

You can selectively offer time to receive in your life only people, things and events of superior vibrational quality. You can, however, respond with wisdom and understanding to those of low vibration, so that the exercise of attention will bring you more awareness and evolution of your own Being.

to contemplate the calming depths of the inner Self, above the dull waves of the Ego

After all, everything that happens outside has nothing but to help us in re-finding. Everything is a great scene. A piece of comedy, a form of deconspiration of egotic degrees of identification, a “play of illusion” set up by a playful deity … to wake us up. In order to help us to see beyond the forms of this game, to look at the eternal and calming depths of the Self, above the waves of the Ego that burst in splendor, into a continuous cycling of creation and annihilation.