to be above the times to be in the state of 'immortality', to work 'over time' ...

To show tolerance and compassion towards the level of selfish development of the person you are at one moment or the energy of the situation in which you are placed is an attitude that can only lift you vibrationally, positioning yourself above the circumstances and the moment laws of the society you are in.

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balancing male and female energies the conscious, mature, leap of humanity ...

For each of us, and implicitly humanity, to make the jump to mature, we have at hand an easy-to-open alternative. Natural, approved by any man and any woman in a relationship of love.

At both individual and group level – attention, regardless of gender – it is necessary that “masculine energy” provides space for manifestation as unfettered as possible to the “feminine energy”.

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directing the energy of attention the practice of presence...

You can selectively offer time to receive in your life only people, things and events of superior vibrational quality. You can, however, respond with wisdom and understanding to those of low vibration, so that the exercise of attention will bring you more awareness and evolution of your own Being.

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