A journey of individual and relational healing

A journey of individual and relational healing. By increasing the level of awareness and maturation of the Ego.

A supportive space of personal development. An anteroom of manifestation in full consciousness. A place of welcome and remembrance. In support of increasing the ability of each of us to access the present living…

EGOpedia .me – seeks to provide insight into the energy levels of the human being. Corresponding to the maturation stages of the Ego and not only… Depicted in a gradual theory of sound modulation in interpersonal communication.

  • The Yell – unconsciousness of the immature Ego
  • Searching for inner Voice – the journey of maturing the Ego
  • Whisper – Awakening. The clarity of the inner Master. The real Leader.
  • Silence – full Awareness of the inner Self revealed, confining the reunification of the Being

The articles on the site show how varied life situations are managed by people located on the four awareness-raising points. Respectively, correspondence with the energy levels specific to each stage, described in the classification made on the main page.

Such a place, about the awareness and maturation of the Ego, travels and writes from the depths of the heart… Pulsates and grows with it.

It is obvious, however, that any approach to the subjects that are born from selfish states creates identification. Without denying positioning in mirroring. Of the referring to them, revealing their mechanisms. But also of the one who is reporting by recognition and implicitly identifying them.

“Living in mind”, invariably leads us to states of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. In order to become aware of being in the presence state, it is necessary to access the state of detached observer. Which transcended the limitations of an immature Ego.

An observer living in the state of presence at every moment of his life. Is conscious of every thought, emotion and sensation. Of every gesture, breath and manifestation at the physical and mental level. A practitioner of the energy of attention focusing management is in a state of vibration that accesses a higher energy level. Far from the time it was under the influence of its immature Ego. In such a point, they open up special perspectives.

Any comparison does not refer to the exerior, to other persones, but to the stages of maturation specific to each individual.

The space created here, seeks to decrypt and connect as readily as possible – terms, notions and concepts – common to the practice of maturing the Ego. In the perspective of exercising the necessary abilities to enjoy traveling together and being as present as possible… In our own lives.

Also, projects and productions are indicated. Valuable materials of masters, practice schools of presence. Experienced continuators of the human effort to awareness of invisible and indisoluble energy connections of all things. Referring to the common origin of life and inanimate matter, with quantum resonance linkages. And last but not least, to understand the effects and global impact of each of us. However small we may seem …

Thoughts of gratitude to the guides of various forms of practice of presence and inner growth. Also, thanks to all practitioners of any form of access to their own inner master.

Last but not least, acknowledgment and gratitude to all those who, through silence and acceptance, in their beneficial presence, felt as full of warmth and love, once created and continue to create, even without being around, the premises of feeling and access by the ones they inspire, to an unrestrained space of awareness-raising.

* * *

References – Eckhart Tolle, John Welwood, Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, Richard Moss, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Adrian Nuță, Elena si Horia Francisc-Țurcanu, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Siddhārtha Gautama, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paul Ferrini, Mikhael Naimy, Sri Vasudeva…