EGOpedia (.me) – it offers a perspective of the hierarchy of major stages of consciousness according to the main existential motivations, as well as dominant human attachments.

(*) issues equally valid for individuals, groups or human societies

Major stages of Consciousness

The hierarchy of the dominance of attachments over existential motivations – presents the way in which various life situations are managed by / persons / groups or / human societies located on different Stages of Consciousness and of the relative intermediate levels. Any interpretation of the level of maturity and consciousness, does NOT relate to external aspects and comparisons. But at the specific stages of that entity’s journey. In a full acceptance of the belonging to the whole of the “truth” of each. Corresponding to the quality of the energy of the attention of the bearing on which it is located.

The two great human journeys – (1) the maturation (of the Ego) and (2) the revelation of the inner Self, are presented as a natural chain towards completion. Any giving up or getting lost gives us a feeling of incompleteness. On the contrary, reaching higher Levels of Consciousness* makes it easier for us to understand, heal, and reunite.

/ * * * \

The space created here, seeks to join as accessible as possible – common terms, notions and concepts, in the perspective of practicing the skills necessary to enjoy the journey together. And to be as present as possible … in our own lives.

Thoughts of gratitude to guides and practitioners of various forms of access to the state of presence and management of the energy of attention. As continuators of the joy of human knowledge and curiosity towards the awareness of the connections of all things. Reference to the common source of life and inanimate matter, with resonant connections at the quantum level. To understand the effects and global impact of the actions of each of us. As small as it may seem …

/ * * * \

Last but not least, acknowledgment and gratitude to all those who, through silence and acceptance, in their beneficial presence, felt as full of warmth and love, once created and continue to create, even without being around, the premises of feeling and access by the ones they inspire, to an unrestrained space of awareness-raising.

Guidance – /* Eckhart Tolle, /* John Welwood, /* Ken Wilber, /* Deepak Chopra, /* Marianne Williamson, /* Debbie Ford, /* Richard Moss, /* Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, (aka Osho) /* Adrian Nuță, /* Elena & Horia Francisc-Țurcanu, /* Bogdan Grigoraș, /* Vasile Andru, /* Nicolae Steinhardt /* Constantin Noica /* Mircea Eliade /* Lucian Blaga /* George Călinescu /* Tudor Vianu /* Jiddu Krishnamurti, /* Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, /* Siddhārtha Gautama, (aka Buddha) /* Don Miguel Ruiz, /* Paul Ferrini, /* Mikhail Naimy, /* SRI Vasudeva… (and many, many others …)