The three levels of „tuning” of the Being - long and fulfilling life...

  • The path of fulfillment, through the joy of the journey, of the search for the Inner Self, is marked by three great gates of energy - Three levels on the path of maturing and reaching the inner balance - to which the transition to the next level depends:
    1. the „yell” level (the yell of help requested by the immature Ego)
    2. the „search for resonance” level (the maturing of the Ego projected into the outside world)
    3. the „whisper” level (clarity of the inner master ...)
    The ultimate, level of "silence", is the absolute threshold of full integration and perfect resonance ...

Attributes and Practices of Maturity… (whisper level)

The path of maturing the Ego (the resonance frequencies level)

Physical Health

  • Strengthening the Body
  • Nutrition
  • Relaxation and energy techniques
  • Natural Therapies

Balanced relationships

  • Marriage / Friendship
  • Parental / Parent-child in separation situations
  • Feminine energy & Masculine energy

Prosperity Habits

  • Developing new habits, especially vocational skills
  • Entrepreneurial Practices
  • Financial Intelligence

Emotional maturation

  • Positive thinking and maturing Ego
  • Heart Language
  • Sexuality - expression, blockage

Awareness and presence

  • Ego and the Real Self
  • Energy of Attention Focusing Practice
  • Essences of Spiritual Teachings


  • Links, Authors, Books
  • Stories and Thoughts
  • Science and Innovation
  • Sociological Indicators

Accessing Concepts (yelling level)

directing the energy of attention

Reading Time: 5 minutesYou can selectively offer time to receive in your life only people, things and events of superior vibrational quality. You can, however, respond with wisdom and understanding to those of low vibration, so that the exercise of attention will bring you more awareness and evolution of your own Being.

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you are neither one nor the other

Reading Time: 2 minutesTheoretically, finding out the answers, with their aging and correct structure, should lead to the dissolution of the Ego, moving through the intermediate stages between the two thresholds – immature and mature. Through education, awareness and practice of directing attention energy.

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Fear… nothing else more than an option…

Reading Time: 4 minutesAny worry and anxiety will always be associated with fear of annihilation. And the one who fears for his own disappearance is the Ego, not the Being. But even if the threats of the shadow, of the unknown we fear, can sometimes be very real, Fear will always be optional.

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