The Great Journeys of the Human Being

The 4 major Levels of Consciousness*

“From the immature Ego to full Awareness”

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The 2 Great Journeys of the Human Being

Going through the two great stages – (1) Maturation (ego) and (2) Revelation of the inner Self – three great gates are crossed towards becoming. As a recognition of a fulfilled life, but especially balanced.

The 3 Great Gates, as switch landmarks

Passing through each of the three major gates, involves important changes in positioning, similar to the operation of a “switch” that “turns on the light” inside, gradually increasing its intensity, for a refined modulation of the system of inner values …

The 4 major Levels of Consciousness

A classification of the stages of evolution of the Levels of Consciousness according to the personal attitude in front of the different situations and events of life, respectively the quality of the energy of attention invested in relationships and interpersonal communication.

“To Have”, the gift of “To Do” from the state of “To Be”

Hierarchy of dominant motivations and attachments
The position of the Levels of Consciousness towards 3 strong motivations / attachments of the Human Being “TO HAVE”, “TO DO” and “TO BE”

*Consciousness – inner awakening through conscious management of the energy of attention… (more…)

All under the same sky…

When “Tao” (L4) is lost, “goodness” appears, /
When “Goodness” (L3) is lost, “morality” appears, /
When “Morality” (L2) is lost, “ritual” appears, /
“Ritual” (L1) is the chaff of true faith, the beginning of chaos… / (more…)

Major levels of Consciousness
Level 1
* Unconsciousness of
the immature Ego

“The Shout”

* The inner dimension of the Being is completely unknown to him;
* Unable to create space between thoughts through a conscious process, but only by appealing to external stimuli,
* Mainly those who meet his primary needs, on which he creates dependence, as a way to take refuge from emptiness, pain and failure felt;
* Unconscious of one’s own illusion;

Level 2
* The Journey of (Ego) Maturation

“Searching for the Inner Voice”

* People at this level are predominantly attached to the motivations of “to Have” and “to Dominate / Lead”;
* Strong and natural desire for enrichment, which contains the germs of the desire for spiritual growth and revelation of the inner Self;
* Conscious manifestation of vocational skills – “to Do” (dedicated and responsible), relevant after “personal clarification of skills” – becoming evident after repeated “ascents” on Level 3;

Level 3
* Revelation of the inner Self


* The qualities of the “true leader” are increasingly defined;
* It is recognized and perceived as such;
* Very good access to the inner Self;
* Low degree of attachment to things, situations and ideas;
* No unrealistic expectations;
* Both sexes show the openness to the complementary inner aspect, towards integration and balance of opposite polarities;

Level 4
* The clarity of the inner Master

“The silence”

* Full integration of interior shadow aspects;
* Level 4 represents the absolute threshold, of full acceptance and perfect resonance;
* Natural manifestation of the state of “to Be” at any time of life;
* At this level, all actions take place in full “open heart”;
* Full balance between the two polarities – feminine and masculine energies;