The Journeys of the Human Being

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(the language of Daniel Dineș, Nadia, Hagi, Țiriac and Năstase, but also of
Mircea Eliade, Mircea Cărtărescu, Eugen Ionesco, Constantin Noica, Vasile Andru, George Călinescu, Lucian Blaga , etc.)

*‎‎ / we apologize for the value (limited /relative to your truth) of use, until the text will be completed – / those who have the patience necessary to polish it / those curious and eager to guide or discover new sources of inspiration / but also those who do not have the necessary patience, are not curious and do not identify with the proposed ideas, considering that they are in opposition to their interests,‎

* I urge you to carry out your own project *‎‎ / we are convinced that the truth (each of us), built brick by brick, price of a lifetime, up to this point, is representative (for you) to an extent much superior to the ideas set out here / therefore, we urge you to affirm it (your own truth), by carrying out an individual study, an analysis of the field best mastered / from the perspective of its most conscious approach and the most effective contribution of the actors involved in its functionality,‎

* Gratitude *‎

  • We suggest you take a step… inside you and look carefully at the whole… truth, fully contained in your Being… without looking for it excessively‎ and repetitively on the outside,
  • Don’t forget to always carry in the soul and in the thought the playful spirit, aware that every thing and every creature is everything and nothing at the same time – a hologram of divinity – a common representation of all things using quantum bricks – protons, electrons, neutrons… ‎
  • ‎Take a few deep breaths… smile more… and, if necessary, start without fear at all… ‎
  • ‎Thank you, gratefully, for accompanying…‎