1.“The Yell” level, Immature Ego

Unaware of his own position in illusion. Unable to create space between thoughts through conscious process. Only using external stimuli that create addiction. As a way to avoid the emptiness, pain and unfulfillment of life felt
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2.”Search of Inner Voice” level, the Ego maturation journey

"Adjusting resonance frequencies ". Process of increasing self-esteem. With inherent ups and downs. Competing with itself and with the outside, for validation and protection of self-image. With transient incursions, in levels 3 and 4
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3.“Whisper” level, The clarity of the inner Master

Without unrealistic identifications and expectations. Unattached to things, situations and events. Very good decoding of the inner Self messages. Good management of attention energy targeting. Perfect practice of presence state. The real Leader.
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4.“Silence” level, Full Awareness

Compassionate Human Being, in creation of unrestrained manifestation space. Full integration of all shadows, both dark and bright. Empathic understanding of the other Beings and the causality of events to which it consents to take part. Full opening of the heart occurs
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From immature Ego to full Awareness (3 steps)

Achieving the balance by revealing the inner Self, crosses three great gates on the path of becoming a fulfilling life – corresponding to four energy levels of manifestation, from the state of Unconsciousness to Maturity, Clarity and full Consciousness – The entire journey is a process of healing, reunification and return to the boundaries of the own Being.

The delimitation of the stages of becoming is not far too strict. You can be convinced that you have reached as high a level as possible through every moment of revelation and fall in admiration. Through every moment of ascension and deep joy, both for your own achievements or those with whom you are in the relationship or not. But especially through the disinterested support offered to them. Gestures followed by the natural return to the area of access to awareness, when the daily worries take us into possession of the mind…

Revealing the inner Self – The path of becoming

* * *

• “Silence” level – Full Awareness of the inner Self revealed

  • The absolute threshold of full integrations and perfect resonances
  • Compassionate human being, creator of unrestrained manifestation space
  • Full integration of all the shadows both bright and dark
  • Empathic understanding of the causality of events to which it consents to take part …

• “Whisper” level – Awakening. Clarity of the inner Master in the revelation of the Self

  • Conscious control of focusing energy attention on physical or mental aspects, whether external or internal,
  • Continuous “control tower” presence, defocusing and conscious censorship of reactivity,
  • Without expectations, unattached to things, situations and events.
  • Very good decoding of the inner self messages…
  • The real Leader

The Inner Master School / The Practice of Presence and Energy of Attention Management

The Journey of the Heart / Revealing the inner Self

Empowering the feminine side / energy of each of us or situations

• “Search for inner voice” level – “Tuning of resonant frequencies”. Growth and personal development on the path of maturing Ego

The maturing of the Ego designed and identified through needs, attachments and desires, in the aspects mirrored by the outside world. Assiduously searching for landmarks, models and guides. In creative opening and acceptance of inner changes, with inherent ups and downs. In competition and continuous battle with exterior. For validating and protecting the image. A genuine “Hero journey”. An important step on the path of awakening.

  • Physical Health – Strengthening the Body / Nutrition / Relaxation and energy techniques / Natural Therapies
  • Emotional maturation – Positive thinking and maturing Ego / Heart Language / Sexuality – expression, blockage
  • Balanced relationships – Marriage / Friendship / Parent-child in different situations / Feminine energy & Masculine energy
  • Awareness and state of presence – Ego and the Real Self / Energy of Attention Focusing Practice / Essences of Spiritual Teachings
  • Prosperity Habits – Developing new habits / Vocational skills / Entrepreneurial Practices / Financial Intelligence
  • Resources – Links, Authors, Books / Stories and Thoughts / Science and Innovation / Sociological Indicators

• The “Yell” level – Unconsciousness of the immature Ego. A healing journey in relationship

Unconscious cry of help, “demanded” proudly by the immature Ego in a continuous competition and the need for recognition needed to increase self-esteem through each manifestation – labeling and judging the actions of the “others”, respectively dividing in good and bad all things and events …

* * *

Premises of healing in relationship

Transactional Criteria – 1. Mature Ego & Mature Ego / 2. Mature Ego & Ego Immature / 3. Ego Immature & Ego Immature

Ego Immature – Self-centered
* the immature need – the exclusive satisfaction of the existential and safety personal requirements
* the immature motivation of accessing any relationship – obtaining various advantages (materials, information, physical and emotional protection, etc…) without returning or making a contribution
* the sanogene (healing) role performed by the one with whom it has established a relationship – Raising Awareness (proportionate to the level of maturity of the other, without circumsuring the necessity of personal practice and refining of its own system of Values…)

Mature Ego – team centred
* the mature need – development of balanced relations
* mature motivation of accessing any relationship – growing together
* sanogene (healing) role performed by the one with which the relationship was established – increased energy vibration (regardless of the level of maturation of the other)

* * *

References – Eckhart Tolle, John Welwood, Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, Richard Moss, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Adrian Nuță, Elena si Horia Francisc-Țurcanu, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, Siddhārtha Gautama, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paul Ferrini, Mikhael Naimy, Sri Vasudeva…

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